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The Poles are the unique, critical component in post frame building. While there are many options out there for poles, we only use the best. Our solid, CCA treated poles, provide durable support above ground and most importantly a full, efficient transfer of loads to the foundation system. Our poles are always full length from the roofline to the foundation, even on the end wall, which gives our buildings superior structural integrity. Our poles are treated the entire length of the pole, not just the lower portion like many other builders. This protects this main building component from rot and pests all of the way through. Our poles are kiln dried after treatment, ensuring that our poles stay straighter and true for the life of your building. The .6 lb pcf retention of CCA treatment is pressure applied by certified applicators. The tag on every pole ensures you that our poles meet or exceed the requirements of the AWPA for timbers in contact with the ground.

Steel siding and roofing

KBSI wants to give our customers options, while still providing top quality products. Our steel products are great for pole buildings because of their strength, durability, and low maintenance.




One option for steel siding and roofing is a unique panel profile called Pro Panel 2 by Metal Sales. A 29 gauge, high tensile strength steel, this panel offers an appearance similar to board and batten. Classic Rib Siding has a quality siliconized polyster finish that is warranted against cracking, peeling, and rust for 40 years. Classic rib is a great panel for building with a little smaller budget.

These steel panels come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. And you can always accent your KBSI building with different color trims with the same finishes. Our trim packages include high quality trims with hemmed exposed edges, so no sharp or unprotected edges will be exposed.

Treated wood

Treated wood is a critical component in any pole building. That’s why KBSI provides only the best, proven treatment in our treated wood. A quality certified treatment in poles and splashboard will keep these major framing components safe from decay and pests for a lifetime. On the other hand, poor, unproven treatments will result in premature decay and failure of critical framing.

KBSI uses the decades time proven CCA treatment in all of our treated lumber. All of our treated lumber is tagged and certified to meet and exceed standards from the American Wood Preservers Association.

Our Solid SYP poles are treated to .6 lb. pcf net retention of the high quality CCA treatment compound. This gives our poles an AWPA rating of “Extreme Duty rated” for ground contact. This ensures that our poles will last a lifetime and not rot away over time like some lesser quality treated material.

Our Splashboards are 2 x 8 along the bottom of all closed walls. These members are treated to a .4 lb. pcf net retention of CCA, with an AWPA rating of “Heavy Duty Rated” for ground contact. Most of the 2x dimensional lumber available to consumers today is not even rated for ground contact, but instead only for above ground use.

Another consideration for treated wood is that some of the newer treatment compounds are much more corrosive to fasteners used in construction. In fact, the more common treatments available to consumers today are as much as 3 times more corrosive to fasteners than the CCA treatment we us in our material. Special fasteners have been developed to withstand the corrosiveness, but are often overlooked by other builders.

KBSI keeps focus on giving you the best product at a fair price. We are sure the CCA treatment in our products give you that.

Don’t be fooled by cheap treated material. Treatment with poor quality, unproven, more corrosive compounds will result in poor quality, unproven, deteriorating construction.

Learn more from the American Wood Protection Association 


In keeping with our mission of giving you the best product at a fair price, we have studied and searched the marketplace for you and have developed a combination of products that is sure to give you a superior building for the long haul. In fact, we are so confident in our building materials, we warrant our buildings’ material and workmanship for 5 years. A few of the brands that we use include:

Plyco Service Doors

Pre-Finished, Insulated Steel Doors with aluminum or steel frames so there’s nothing to rot away or continuously have to paint. Plyco doors also have aluminum thresholds, 3 Heavy duty 4” hinges, and heavy duty keyed entry locksets. For commercial applications, we provide HC panic hardware and closers as required by ADA codes.


Cannonball Sliding Door Hardware

Cannonball is the name others try to mimic. The track is G90 galvanized for years of corrosion resistance. Every door has at least two hangers with nylon rollers around sealed ball bearings for years of effortless operation.

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Alliance Window Systems

Alliance provides us with Windgate Windows. They feature the highest quality vinyl for a lifetime of trouble free performance.

Alliance Window Systems
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