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The Kirkham Foundation is buried four feet deep and is solidly anchored in concrete with a reinforcing steel rod. Years of experience and industry research have proven the reliability of the concrete anchored foundation system which provides solid load bearing support and secure anchorage against wind uplift and frost heaving. All footings are designed to carry the required loads.


The design loads for Kirkham Building System's trusses are computer engineered, certified, and factory built using selected timber based on the required live and dead loads.

Truss Connection

The Truss to Column connection in any building is a critical component of strength and durability. A Kirkham Building has the top portion of the columns notched to form a pocket to accept the truss heel. The bottom chord of the truss bears directly on the core of the wall column where it is securely fastened. All trusses except at large openings, are connected directly to the column. This sound and proven method eliminates the need for the knee braces and provides the structural capacity that is key to a strong building.

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