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Your KBSI building will be a world class performer because we use top quality materials and specialized construction personnel. KBSI has been established in Delaware, OH for over 34 years, so you can rest assured we will be here for you should anything arise. Our standard warranty covers defects in all material and workmanship of the building shell for a full 5 years after the completion of your project.

You may also have warranties covering specific products used in your project, such as shingles, steel roofing/siding, or overhead doors which may fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. Please notify us of any warranty item as soon as possible.


In construction, obviously material quality is important, as is qualified people to plan and build your project. We at KBSI believe there is something just as critical. Protection against loss or harm. Insurance.

Insurance is critical because it protects you, the owner. Construction can be dangerous and personal injury accidents are possible. Also damage to construction or other items can occur. You do not need the hassle of being responsible for what your builder does, or does not do. That’s why we provide insurance that covers all facets of our work for you.

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance covers any damage to your property or personally owned items in case something would happen. In fact we have $2,000,000 general liability insurance and $2,000,000 automobile liability insurance. All of our subcontractors are also required to carry $2,000,000 liability insurance to qualify to work for us.

Builders Risk Insurance

So what happens if mother nature comes through with a terrible wind storm while your building is being framed, and it falls over? Without builders risk insurance you may be liable to pay for the damage since it is on your property. Our builders risk insurance covers all building materials and labor in case something would happen while we are constructing your building. You don’t have to worry about it.

Workers Compensation

Workers Comp is required for all construction employees in the state of Ohio. Unfortunately many builders avoid this requirement because they sub-contract their labor to independent laborers that may not have to pay for it, or the company is not legitimate. This leaves you and your homeowners insurance responsible to pay for personal injuries. We would not take that risk on our own property and you should not either. That’s why we pay the high workers comp premiums and the employees that plan, build, and finish your job are covered by Workers Compensation at all times.

One of our most important policies is to be drug free. KBSI wants only the best workmanship and safety on your job, and we feel very strongly the only way to provide this is to be a drug free workplace. New hires are prescreened and employees are randomly screened to ensure us they are at their best when working for you.

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