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Kirkham Building System Inc. is just that, a system that works for you from beginning to end. From initial contact to building completion and warranty, the way we do things keeps focus on giving you the best product at a fair price. We want to briefly describe what to expect at each step.

Step 1. Contact

So you have thought a post frame building may fit your needs nicely, or maybe you do not know much about post frame buildings and need to know more to determine if it will work for you or not. The good news is that post frame buildings are very versatile and are a great fit for so many uses.

Maybe you already know someone who has a Kirkham Building. We get many customer referrals and they are a large part of our success. Also non-customer referrals are common because KBSI has become a well known name in the Delaware County area since we have been here since 1985. Maybe you have seen an ad in your local paper or stumbled upon us while surfing the internet looking for a reputable builder for your project.

However you have found us, we’re glad you did! We appreciate the opportunity to share our story and expertise with you and look forward to helping you plan your new project. Simply call, email or submit on our website for a free consultation. We’ll set up a time to get together at your site and start planning.

Step 2. Planning Assistance and Information Gathering

KBSI uses a collaborative design process. With our experienced planners theres no need for an architect on most projects. When we meet with you our #1 goal is to understand the why behind the what. For example; maybe you envision a 30 x 40 in your sideyard to keep your RV, motorcycle, and lawn mower in. OK, why? What type of things will you also be doing in the building? How will you organize the space to work for you? Is that size optimal for what you need to do and for your budget, or would something narrower but longer be better for you? How tall do the doors need to be to fit the RV with the AC unit on top? Is there room for growth for when you get the bigger RV you want in a couple years? What are the building code requirements? Etc. This is just the beginning of planning a building that will work the way you need it to. The same kinds of questions and issues arise with farm buildings, horse barns, commercial, office/warehouses, churches, etc. This is where our planning staff excels and really will assist you in planning the right post frame building for you. We want to know all that we can about your situation, so that we can put together the best proposal and have the right solutions for your project. You could get a head start on the planning by downloading our preliminary floorplan and following the directions. Because pole buildings are so versatile, there are a lot of options to consider, such as:

  • Length and Width

  • Porch

  • Ceiling load on trusses

  • Door

    • Overhead

    • Sliding

    • BiFold

    • Insulated/ Non insulated

    • Window Lites

  • Roofing

    • Galvalume Steel

    • Colored Steel

    • Insulated Steel

      • Ply foil

      • Tuff-R

    • 2” VFFG

    • 3 tab Shingle

    • Dimensional Shingle

    • Standing Seam Steel

  • Roof Pitch

  • Eave Overhangs

  • Gable Overhangs

  • Ventilation

  • Siding

    • Colored steel

    • T-111 Plywood

    • Vinyl Siding

    • Cedar Lap

    • Hardi Panel/Hardi Plank

    • Stucco

    • Veneer stone/brick

  • Windows

  • Skybelt

  • Skylites

  • Gutter and Downspout

  • Service Door

    • Flush

    • 9 lite Glass

    • Full lite Glass

    • Crossbuck/Colonial panel

    • Dutch door

    • Closer/latch guard/ HC Panic

  • Regirt/ceiling joists

  • Liner panel

  • Extra Splashboards

  • Cupola

  • Horse Stalls

  • Hay loft

  • Tack Room

  • Wash Bay

  • Etc.

Step 3. Pricing and Proposal

To us, just as to you, accurate pricing is critical. With the economy today, material prices can go up and down with little warning, and labor costs and taxes seem to always be on the rise. We take accurate pricing seriously. A “ball park” or “per square foot” price simply is not accurate. What one building for Joe costs today, may be totally different to what Bob’s cost tomorrow. With all of the options that we offer to consider, it is very difficult to quote an average price. We consider all costs in our pricing structure including current material costs, labor costs, scrap removal, taxes, liability insurance, builders risk insurance, workers comp. insurance, etc. to get you our best price.

In fact we figure our labor as accurately as 1/10 of a minute for each piece of material used on your project. We don’t guess, we know, how long it should take to construct your building.

Pricing is typically valid for 30 days from the date of the proposal.

You’ll know that our written proposal has been prepared for you with accurate pricing and attention to your needs and what we have planned together. A scaled floorplan will be included to show details. You may want to ask our planner to see our mini-print showing our basic design details. We always want to review our proposal with you so that we can be sure we got it right for you.

Our proposals and purchase agreements are straight forward and transparent, without a bunch of legal jargon that you have to re-read 10 times to understand. You will know all of the details of your building, what you can expect, the total cost (except for any change orders that might come up), the payment schedule, our warranty, and any other special instructions.

Step 4. Construction

Once we have a written agreement with you we will go to work on any engineered drawings needed and submit for applicable building permits (some locations and building uses do not require a building permit). You will need to get your zoning permit and any other inspections, surveys, or approvals required by your local agencies.

Your building construction will be added to our construction schedule as soon as all permits and approvals have been received.

Site work is typically the first step in construction. If KBSI is doing your site work, it will be scheduled in coordination with the start of building construction. If you are doing it yourself or hiring someone else to do site work, you should plan on having site work completed two weeks before the planned start of the building construction.

All facets of construction that you have contracted KBSI to do will be coordinated by KBSI. With few exceptions, you will just watch the progress of your new building. Our experienced and professional staff will ensure coordinated and efficient progress from start to finish. Your planner will keep you updated on progress as well. We strive for excellence in communication as well as workmanship, and each take a personal pride in the success of your building experience with us.

Step 5. Completion and Warrenty

Once your building is complete, your planner will schedule a time to walk the project with you, discuss any unique features, check door operation, etc. Typically, the final payment will be due.

While you are enjoying your new pole building, warranty items may arise. Our warranty includes a 5 year material and workmanship warranty. KBSI has been established in Delaware, OH for over 34 years, so you can rest assured we will be here for any need. You may also have warranties covering specific products used in your project, such as shingles, steel roofing/siding, or overhead doors which may fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. Please notify us of any warranty item as soon as possible.

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