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15 Uses for a Post Frame Building

One of the great unique things about the post frame building method is it's versatility. When the design was first patented in 1953, one of it's primary goals was to be adaptable to different uses during different seasons. That way, people didn't have to build multiple buildings for a large amount of money. Pole buildings are also extremely customizable in design and materials.

A pole building can be constructed for almost any use or reason, and fit each purpose perfectly simultaneously. Below are some examples.


1. Detached Garage

The need for extra or primary garage space is one of the most common reasons a pole building is constructed. Many people store their vehicles in their pole buildings to protect them from the elements. Depending on the size of your family and vehicle collection, a small or large pole building can be constructed on your property.

2. Equipment Storage

If your garage is overflowing with lawn equipment and tools, it might be time to invest in a residential accessory building. Tractors, lawn mowers, weed whackers and gardening equipment can take up a lot of space in the average 2-car garage. An equipment storage building can free up space in your garage so you can actually park your cars under shelter!

3. Workshop or Hobbyshop

Another very common reason to construct a pole building is the need for a place to work on projects. A variety of people could use a complete workshop or hobbyshop such as mechanics, musicians, artists, and really anyone that works with their hands. Or maybe you just need a quiet space to work away from your pets and kids. Perhaps you're a woodworker or welder and your work creates a lot of noise. A workshop or hobbyshop could decrease the noise level in your home and keep you from disturbing your family members.

4. Entertainment or Party Venue

Post-frame style wedding venues and entertainment spaces are starting to become a trend! Their versality makes them a great event space option. You can host or rent out the space for a wedding, birthday party, office gettogether, concert, or anything in between. Party barns are a great example. Post-frame buildings stand the test of time, making them a great investment for a long-term entertainment space.

Pole Barn Event Space
Safari Gold Event Space, Powell, OH

5. Restaurant or bar

Many modern wineries and breweries are pole buildings! They're an affordable investment for small business owners compared to other conventional construction methods. They also look very unique, making your building recognizable amongst a crowd.

Pole Building Brewery
Ill Mannered Brewing Company, Powell, OH

6. Small business

Any small business could benefit from a pole building. They can easily be customized to fit an office space, studio, and meeting or entertainment space all in one building.

7. Home Office

If you work from home, own your own business, or are looking to do either in the future, a pole building can be a great home office upgrade from a spare bedroom or basement. A detached office gives you the space you need to concentrate, and the ability to create some separation from your work and home life, while still technically working from home and keeping a short commute.

8. Agricultural Barn

Barns are the traditional use for pole buildings. Whether you need stables, place to keep your livestock, a storage space, or a dog kennel, a pole building is a great fit.

9. A whole house!

Pole barn houses are becoming a trend in 2021. If you tend to spend more time in your garage than you do inside your actual house, a 'garandominum' may be just what you need! Pole barn homes tend to consist of about equal parts garage space and living space. Still, houses with traditional dimensions can be constructed using the post-frame method.

10. RV/Boat Storage

Due to the highly customizable nature of pole buildings, they are great for storing RVs and boats. The length, width, and height of a pole building can be fully customized to perfectly fit the toys you need to go in it.

11. Outdoor Spaces and Riding Arenas

A pole building doesn't need to have 4 walls. Picnic shelters, riding arenas, and other open-air structures can be built using the post-frame method.

12. Churches

Churches work great as pole buildings because they tend to be multifunctional. It's easy to turn the main church space into a space for youth group, small group, or other activities. Additional rooms can also be added for nurseries, child care, classrooms, etc.

13. Home Gym

An open floor plan pole building can work great as a home gym. You don't need to crowd your basement with workout equipment, and can instead turn it into an entertainment space. Any size pole building can be constructed depending on the amount of workout equipment you have or plan to have.

Your dream man cave is just a pole building away. Unlike a basement or spare bedroom, you can truly have you own space with a completely separate pole building. You can have plenty of space to entertain friends and turn to music or TV up without having to worry about annoying your family members.

15. Any of these things combined!

One of the many great things about pole buildings is that they can easily be customizable to fit any and all of your needs. Want a garage that has a home office on the second floor? You got it. What about a barn with space for livestock and equipment storage? We can make that happen for you, and have experience doing so in the pass. The possibilities are endless.


If you would like to discuss how a pole building can be customized and constructed to fit your needs, give us, Kirkham Building System, a call at 740-548-7810.

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